DAKOTA Turf Tender


DAKOTA Turf Tenders are the most versatile, cost-effective, and accurate material handlers and spreaders on the market. These durable units allow you to cover large areas while maintaining an extremely light footprint so as not to disrupt turf, and are ideal for topdressing sports fields, fairways, and greens. Designed to save time, eliminate waste, and reduce operating costs, Turf Tenders can also top-dress, fertilize, repair divots, load small top-dressers, fill bunkers, and move a wide variety of materials from the seat of the tractor, without having to replace attachment options.


DAKOTA Controls download

DAKOTA Controls offer reference screens for unit settings and adjustments to make your job easier, with four memory presets, a 4.3-inch LCD display, and features including variable belt and spinner speeds and engine start/stop and throttle control.


DAKOTA Turf Tender

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Make your turf topdressing job easier with the highest quality speed dresser on the market – the DAKOTA Turf Tender 440. Complete with a 4.2-yard capacity and an A-frame hitch design, this material spreader has the largest capacity with the best handling and the lowest PSI in the industry. In addition, the Turf Tenders feature durable DAKOTA turf tires that provide excellent traction with minimal turf wear.


420 download video

The DAKOTA Turf Tender 420 has some of the same great features as the 440, and can handle the same size jobs with its medium design to save you time and operating costs. This material spreader has a 2-yard capacity with the smaller, compact tractor in mind for light and frequent topdressing.

DAKOTA Turf Tender 420

DAKOTA Turf Tender 412 and 414

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Get more done faster with the Dakota 412 and 414 Turf Tenders. These speed dressers have all features of the Dakota 410 with an even larger capacity. The 2-yard 412 and the 4-yard 414 Turf Tenders require compact or midsize tractors for towing.



Save time and effort with the Turf Tender 410. Available in pull-behind and mounted models, the Turf Tender 410 series from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment is designed for superintendents to save time and labor costs, and meet turf maintenance needs, be it moving, spreading, filling, or leveling.

DAKOTA Turf Tender - Pull Behind

Pull Behind

This machine is designed with more hitch weight to increase the traction of the pull unit. The control box allows the operator to adjust the spread width and thickness without having to stop for all of your spreading needs, be it light and frequent or heavy topdressing. This unit is also available in a fifth wheel, complete with a universal hitch that fits the most popular utility vehicles used in the industry.

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DAKOTA Turf Tender - Mounted


With the same great features as the 410 pull type, the Turf Tender 410 Mounted from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment offers added maneuverability. This material handler is easy to mount, un-mount, and store, so there is no need to dedicate your utility vehicle.

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310 download video

The NEW Dakota Turf Tender 310 will change the way you work. We brought the world-class performance and reliability of our 400 series to a new compact machine. Spreads light and frequent to heavy, whether material is wet or dry.

DAKOTA Turf Tender 310