DAKOTA Soil Mover


The Soil Mover from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment is the perfect tool for all your shaping and construction needs. The machine’s unique tilt-able blade and tight turning radius provide unsurpassed maneuverability. Available in working widths from 8', 10', 12', 14', and 16' for non-ripper models, these machines are ideal for grading and shaping, ditch cleaning, and sloping, road leveling and repairing, landscaping, and feed lot cleaning, as well as mud and snow removal. Hydraulic ripper teeth are also available for these units in 6-, 8-, and 10-foot models.


DAKOTA Soil mover

810 download video

The DAKOTA Soil Mover 810 model is the perfect machine for all of your earth-shaping needs. This extremely tough and durable machine is ideal for both agricultural and commercial applications. With an impressive 8-foot width, the Soil Mover 810 model is built to tackle your big projects, be it on the farm, sports field, or golf course. Whether you’re looking to level and repair roads, clean and slope ditches, or rough grade leveling, this is the machine for you.

606 download

The Soil Mover model 606 from DAKOTA Peat & Equipment includes all the same great features as the 810 models in a more compact size. The perfect tool for a wide range of applications from feed lot cleaning and landscaping, to fine grading and mud or snow removal, Soil Movers from DAKOTA are here to make your shaping needs a successful and easy task.

DAKOTA Soil Mover