Dakota REV is an all-natural plant-based humus that can be applied in-furrow, as seed treatment, or directly onto the plant. REV is also an organic growth stimulant that serves as a carrier for micronutrients. REV helps to boost plant health and promotes root growth, and may also enhance seed germination. REV can also help alleviate soil salinity problems, serve as an adjuvant for tank mix, and help stabilize your soil to make your fertility more available throughout the growing season.


REV Products

REV is an entirely organic concentrate that increases the blooming and fruiting of plants, the rootmass and nutrient uptake, and the fertilizer and chemical effectiveness. You will see improved flower color vibrancy, soil biology, and water retention.

Row Crops & Grains

REV has proven successful on row crops like corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, potatoes, and sugarbeets. Farmers like you across the country have used it, and have seen amazing results from the addition of this truly all-organic product. REV is not an extract or derivative of another product or synthesized in a lab, but generated from completely natural organic matter. Whether you apply it to the seed, In-furrow while planting, or foliar, REV may be the boost you are looking for to improve rootmass and, plant health and increase your yields.

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